June 26th, 2013

Next Launch on 30th June 2013

The Chase begins…

We are having our next launch on the coming Sunday 30th June from CREST campus, Hoskote. We will be testing the Radio GPS this time with a attitude sensor developed with Raspberry Pi.. which will be used for pointing of the telescope/spectrograph in near future. We expect to chase and recover the balloon this time using Radio GPS provided by the Dhruva Space.

Planning to observe Comet ISON

Hi everybody!!

We are working towards observing Comet ISON in the late year 2013.
This comet is considered to be the Comet of the century. Details can be found at http://www.space.com/19796-comet-ison-explained-infographic.html

We are planning to fly a spectrograph on-board the balloon to capture the UV spectra of this comet. The main issue to be considered here is the wobbling of the balloon while rising up in the atmosphere which we are planning to put a Gimbal between the balloon and the payload for self-stabilization. Details will be shared once things are completely finalized..

We anticipate this kind of flight somewhere in November 2013…